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From: Wayne Hughes
Subject: CFO

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Having been in business as a manufacturers representative for over twenty years, I have been through more than my fair share of CPA’s, accountants and financial advisers. The end results were always less than satisfying as they didn’t understand my business or didn’t care to.
Three years ago, I went through a horrific experience with the state of Arizona as it related to one of my prior tax advisors and the returns he provided for me. Suffice it to say it turned out that I had to redo 5 years of returns, both business and personal. Not pleasant and not cheap and a real mental drain. It was time for a change.

I was introduced to Nate via a friend and business associate and have utilized his services for the last two years with a great deal of satisfaction and complete peace of mind as to his accomplishing, properly, the required state and federal paper work but additionally, his interest in my business and suggestions of making my profits larger by implementing some things that he experienced with other businesses similar to mine.

The inputs and strategies he has provided to me, make him a viable and integral part of my business and I look forward to our continued partnership for the long term. He is as big a part of my business as my computer and telephone. Necessities of doing business.

Wayne Hughes, President
Mech-Tech North
Scottsdale, Az.BreakNate3

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